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  • Pure Raw Honey, 8 oz. Jar
  • Pure Raw Honey, 8 oz. Jar
  • Buckwheat Honey, 8 oz. Jar
  • Orange Blossom Honey, 8 oz. Jar
  • Fall Harvest Honey, 8 oz. Jar
  • Blueberry Honey, 8 oz. Jar

8 oz. Pure Raw Honey


Product Description

All of our honey that our bees make is Raw Honey. We extract the honey from the combs then strain it to remove any chunks of wax and bee particles but leaving the pollen grains still in the honey. We do not super filter the honey or heat it so all the pollen would be destroyed but leave it raw. We do not use any chemicals on the hive when our honey supers are on and we monitor closely where we place our bees to keep them away from larger agriculture. Most of our hives are nestled in country fields around a vast variety of forage.

Pure Raw Honey- A mix of Spring, Summer and Fall honey when it's extracted together at the end of the year.

Spring Blossoms: A rich blend of Apple & Cherry Blossoms, Crocuses, Honeysuckle, Maples, Willows, Black Locust and Blackberries along with other Spring Blooms.

Summer Wildflowers: A light and airy honey with hints of Clover, Pumpkins, Mint, Melons, Thistle, Sunflower and other common Wildflowers & Vegetables in the summer months.

Fall Harvest: A rich golden honey with a deep flavored blend of the fall flowers like Golden Rod, Wild Asters, Autumn Clematis, Mint and a hint of Sunflowers.

Blueberry Honey:  A lighter tasting honey with a distinct sweet floral flavor from pollinating blueberry fields.

Buckwheat Honey: A dark rich almost molasses like honey from the Buckwheat flowers. Excellent on pancakes. Orange Blossom Honey: A light colored fruity flavored honey from the Orange Blossoms in Florida. My personal favorite.

*Keep in mind that all raw honey will naturally crystallize or granulate over time. There is nothing wrong with the honey, it is still perfectly fine even in its solid state. All raw honey will naturally do that over time. You can re-liquefy your jar of honey by placing it with the top off in a saucepan with some water and gently reheating it. Honey will crystallize/granulate quickly if placed in the refrigerator or kept in 50-60 degree temperatures. Also honey will crystallize very quickly if it's the Fall Honey which has a lot of Aster Flower pollen and nectar in it. It's best to keep honey at room temperature for storage and always leave the lid on so that moisture does not get into the honey and start fermenting it.

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