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Fresh Eggs

We have around 20-30 laying hens at any given time at Hungry Bear Farms. We strive to keep our animals healthy and happy and let them free range about the property as much as possible. They have many fruits and vegetables to supplement their diet along with all the bugs in the yard that they find. We have several different breeds of chickens that lay different colored eggs; from speckled browns, to small creamy whites, to olive green and light blue. Our eggs are available for sale currently at $4.00 a dozen. If you would like to order a dozen eggs or more please send me an email or call me so I can bring them to our store for you.

We let our chickens free range around the yard while we are at home. They are not confined to small tiny cages like the commercial growers. They have a modest sized heated coop and outside run which is protected from predators while we are away.

The quality of life of an animal shows up in the products you get from them. Unlike some store bought eggs which are pale yellow and lay completely flat when cooked, the eggs from our chickens are a deep orange color and the yokes stand straight up in the pan when you cook them. You will also notice the taste difference in them if you were to cook them at the same time; a store bought egg and farm fresh egg. You'll never buy the cheapest eggs at the store again after you've tried farm fresh eggs. They are lighter and have more nutritional value than the regular eggs you get at the store. Eggs from your local small farms are also supposed to be 30% less in cholesterol. Just some of the many reasons why to eat local, fresh foods. Improve the quality of your life and help out our local farmers!

Coming soon.. More photos of our flock...