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Fresh Bee Pollen

Our fresh Bee Pollen is collected daily during the warm parts of the year, April thru October. We use our Sundance Pollen Traps made by Ross Rounds to collect the pollen as we've found that to be the absolute best pollen trap on the market. The traps used to collect the pollen from the bees is done sustainably so we are not taking too many resources from our bees. They are still active and have all the pollen that they need to remain healthy. The pollen is then freeze dried in the freezer to retain the most freshness of the product.

Many people take fresh bee pollen to help with their seasonal allergies. It's recommended that when taking bee pollen, start out with one or two granules per day to see how your body reacts to the pollen. Some people with have a reaction to the pollen while others will not. As the days progress you can begin taking more granules per day to help with your allergies. You have to start slowly and build up your intake over time. Do not take a teaspoon or handful of pollen the first day! 

Pollen is a superfood that helps with energy and is a great source of protein. Many people will add it to their shakes before and after a workout or just to have during the day. Pollen can be added to any food; yogurt, smoothies and shakes are the most popular. It's best to keep the fresh pollen in your freezer as this will ensure the longest and freshest life of the product. Do not leave out in room temperature!