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Propolis is made by honey bees collecting different saps and resins from various sources like conifers and tree buds then mix it with beeswax, saliva and other secretions. Often termed 'bee glue', propolis is a sticky, chewy material when warm and can be brittle when cold.

Honey bees use propolis as a barrier to seal up any cracks in the hive as well as to make an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating on the hive entrance to keep germs out of the hive. Propolis has many health benefits to not only the honey bee but to us as humans. Propolis is made of many beneficial compounds like flavonoids (resins), fatty acids (wax), protein (pollen) and 14 trace minerals and organic compounds. Propolis can help with allergies, skin issues like excema and warts, wound healing (burns & infections), respiratory infections, viruses, the 'common cold' and soar throat, digestive tract issues like ulcers & infections and helps the immune system. There are many other ways propolis can benefit your health but those are just a few.

Propolis Tincture can be taken when you feel like you are coming down with a cold. We take orally 1-2 dropper fulls in a little bit of water or directly to the throat without water if we feel we are coming down with a cold. It can be taken daily as a supplement, 15-30 drops in water or tea. If you have bee allergies, try a few drops first to see how you will react first. Some will have the same allergic reactions with the propolis tincture as they do bee stings because of the beeswax and other secretions the bees use to make the propolis. Propolis tincture takes at minimum 1 month to make as it needs to sit in a dark place and the propolis needs to dissolve in the grain alcohol. The mixture is shaken every day to help the propolis continue to dissolve. After a month the mixture is run thru a coffee filter to get any chunks out of the tincture then it is bottled.

Raw Propolis chunks can be chewed on or used as a lozenge to help with soar throats. Propolis can also be ground into a powder and used with different oils and balms to make lotions. etc to help with wound healing and skin issues.

As with any natural material and extract please use responsibly and in small doses.