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Picking Up Your Nucs

Emails will be sent out prior to the pick up date of the Nucs. Updates about nuc arrival will be on our website also. We try to send a notice 2 days prior, but sometimes cannot guarantee that we will have that notice from our trucking partners, in the past sometimes notices have been as short as 24 hours. There is a lot of logistics to work out with moving bees. On the later pickups, apple pollination plays a role on if the trucks are available. If they can fit us in between a delivery of bees into apples, they will and this is were the short notices come in to play. Once the nuc's are at our farm, they need to be picked up asap. We are in bear area, we had visits by bears twice in 2015. Nuc's not picked up in a timely manner could be subject to a bear, and will be resold if we cannot get a hold of you, no refund will be given if this is the case.

We do 2 pickup times per nuc delivery. One will be in the early morning, the other in the evening. Outside of the schedule pickup times in the email we will send is NOT an option without first arranging the appointment with us. DO NOT show up to get your bees outside of our schedule pickup time without an appointment. We do not keep the nucs screened in all day as we do not want them to suffocate in the box, they get screening in when you arrive. Feel free to call ahead to let us know you are on your way if coming from long distances. This is really important as we

When picking up your Nucs, please come prepared. Bring your Jacket, Veil, pair of gloves and duck tape in case. You do not need to bring a smoker, we will have ours available. We will do our best to screen the Nucs in so that the bees will not get out but please remember that there may be a few that will escape in your car. It is not suggested that you have a car full of small children when you pick up your Nucs unless you have protective clothing for them. Plan on picking up your bees and going straight (no stops) to your final destination.

These terms may seem a bit harsh, but we are really easy to work with, if you communicate with us. We have had customers in the past show up at 3am to get there bees, or not show up at all. We just want to paint a clear picture of the process so everyone is informed. Bees are a living insect, just like a dog is a living animal, please treat the bees like you would any other living thing. When they need something, you need to be prepared and ready to act.

We do a drive thru service for our nuc pick up days. Once you get to our farm you will meet a beekeeper at our driveway with a list and he'll ask you if you need to purchase any beekeeping supplies, if you have any outstanding balances for nucs or would like to purchase more or if you are just here to pick up your nucs. He will give you a ticket with your name on it and how many nucs you've purchased. For supplies and payments, you'll come to our barn first, pickup any supplies or orders you have then will get back into line to pick up your bees. If you are just getting bees, you'll head next to see a foreman who will take your ticket and then they will proceed to load your vehicle with your bees and check you off the list. Then you can pull ahead and tie your bees down or move anything around that you need to and be on your way. It's a very easy and quick system for picking up your bees. We do all the hard work for you so there's no need for you to get out of your vehicle. There will be lots of beekeepers there to answer any questions you may have starting out and we hope you'll have as much fun as we do. We look forward to seeing all of you again this Spring! Thank you!

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