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Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure, Vial 0.5 oz


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Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure will help you catch swarms easily and quickly. To use the vial, pop the cap off and use a q-tip to dab the swarm commander out of the vial. Swipe the q-tip across the entrance on your bait hive or swarm trap really good to get the lure on it. Then re-dab the q-tip into the vial and put the q-tip with the lure inside of your swarm trap. Check once a week, if you still smell the Swarm Commander lure in your bait hive you don't need to re-bait the hive yet. 



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WANT FREE HONEYBEE SWARMS? Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure is the #1 Honey Bee Swarm Lure on the market today. You can find it at all the major beekeeping supply houses listed below. WHERE TO BUY? BLYTHEWOOD BEE COMPANY: DADANT: MANN LAKE: WHAT IS SWARM COMMANDER? Features: Comes in 2oz spray, Vials Packs, Gel and Super Lure Long-lasting and efficient Totally safe for bees Thousands Of Swarm Caught With Swarm Commander Use: Use our Swarm Commander Lure Spray to attract honey bee swarms and establish new colonies in your unoccupied hives. Each bottle contains 2oz of Swarm Commander Premium Lure, a pheromone specially created to attract passing swarms of feral honeybees. These swarms will be lured into your hive, giving you an opportunity to establish new bee colonies with a minimum of effort. The spray is totally safe for bees, and lasts long after the initial application. Considering the fact that one package of bees costs between $80 and $110, a single bottle of this spray containing hundreds of doses more than pays for itself. Success Videos: Commander Super Lure Success Video:

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    WANT FREE HONEYBEE SWARMS? Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure...

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